New Year, New You? Conquered.

It seems like just yesterday that the New Year, New You National Challenge – a challenge that included three compounding two-week missions – launched with the goal of helping participants get motivated to move in the New Year.

Since wrapping a few weeks ago, our Customer Success Team has put on their analytical caps to assemble the steps, moves and more that made the Challenge a success. Whether you were one of the 600+ participants, or you’re interested to see why you should join our next Challenge, check out these inspiring results!


Total steps taken.
That’s more than 100,000 miles – or about five round-trips from our office in Cleveland, Ohio to Sydney, Australia.


Average steps per day per participant.
We’re impressed! Many participated in our Hello Spring Challenge, too.


People who finished all three Missions.
While Mission 1 had an average goal of three miles per day, Mission 2 increased to four miles and the final Mission finished with a goal of five miles per day.

While stats are great, hearing from participants themselves about their quest to move more in 2017, nearly puts the stats to shame.

“When faced with the choice of driving or walking within a half [mile] to a mile radius, I chose to walk.”

“[The New Year, New You Challenge] was the extra motivation needed to move more and to help bump up my weight loss since I plateaued.”

“I would check my moves and if I were below 12,000 for the day, I would take a walk before bed.”

“Comparing myself with others made me more focused and more willing to compete.”

Prizes were awarded after each Mission and after the Challenge wrapped – all chosen randomly from those who had successfully completed each Mission, or in the case of the final Challenge prize, those who had finished all three Missions.

Did you participate in the New Year, New You Challenge? Have an inspiring story (or two!) about your quest to complete all three Missions? Get online and share them with us on Twitter (#DHSGetMoving) or Facebook.

Just because this Challenge is over, doesn’t mean you should stop moving! Check out a few of our other blogs about how to keep moving during the week and make sure you’re properly fueling your body.

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