Introducing the Patriot Steps Challenge

During “Hell Week” – a Navy SEAL training phase that consists of 5 ½ days of cold, wet and brutal training exercises – a SEAL candidate logs more than 400,000 steps of activity.

To put it in perspective, 400,000 steps is the equivalent to roughly 189 miles.

  • That’s walking from Houston to Austin … and then tacking on another 24 miles at the end.
  • That’s walking from Cleveland to Detroit ... plus another 20 miles for good measure.
  • That’s … a whole lot of steps!

Are you ready to try your hand (or feet rather) at 400,000 steps? Don’t worry … You’ll have more than a month, from Memorial Day to Independence Day to get your steps in, all while supporting a good cause – the SEAL Legacy Foundation.

What’s next? Visit the Patriot Steps website to pay $30 to sign up (portions of which will support the SEAL Legacy Foundation), grab your favorite fitness tracker (we recommend our simple and affordable Movband devices), lace up your sneakers and start walking. If you meet the challenge goal of logging 400,000 steps in 35 days, you’ll receive a special SEAL Legacy Foundation wristband. If you don’t quite make the 400,000 step benchmark, you can still be entered to win a band by logging 80,000 steps in a single week.

Tweet about your experience along the way using #PatriotSteps.

We're excited to host the Patriot Steps Challenge (powered by our Move module) that allows people, no matter their location, to log steps and raise money for a cause they care deeply about. Interested in learning more about how your nonprofit can utilize fitness tracker competition software to raise money? Send us a message by clicking below.