Patriot Steps Encourages Movement While Supporting Charity

Over the course of the 35 days that separated Memorial Day and Independence Day, participants in the Patriot Steps Challenge logged nearly 20,000,000 steps (that’s almost 9,500 miles!) in support of the SEAL Legacy Foundation.

No matter how many steps were taken, the true goal of showing support for the SEAL Legacy Foundation – a nonprofit that provides support to the families of wounded and fallen Navy SEALs, educational assistance for SEALs and their families, and more – was met with proceeds directly benefiting the organization.

While no participant managed to log more than 400,000 steps in a single week, the average number a SEAL candidate logs during the 5 ½ days of “Hell Week” training (a little history behind our selection of the 400,000 step mark), 25 people met the 400,000 step goal during the 5-week Challenge duration.

A few more Challenge highlights:

  • Although simply reaching the 400,000 step mark in 5 weeks made you a winner, the “leader” throughout the Challenge finished with an astonishing 676,815 total steps (about 18,800 a day).
  • The leader wasn’t the only one to hit the 600,000 step mark as four other participants joined him in the top-5 finishers. Additionally, seven other participants registered 500,000 steps or more.

Everyone who completed the Challenge in the given timetable (as well as few more participants who won a drawing after completing 80,000 steps in a single week) will receive a special SEAL Legacy Foundation wristband as a reward. Interested in learning how to get involved in the next Patriot Steps Challenge? Stay tuned to our social media channels (Twitter: @DHS_Group, Facebook: Movband by DHS Group, and LinkedIn: DHS Group) for the most up-to-date information about this Challenge and more.

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