Put Meaningful Miles to Work for Your Group

On Memorial Day, the SEAL Legacy Foundation launched its inaugural Patriot Steps Challenge using our Meaningful Miles: Fundraising Activity Challenge program. The Challenge kicked off with the goal of engaging donors and encouraging movement while raising funds for a cause that was close to their hearts – providing support to the families of wounded and fallen Navy SEALs, giving educational assistance to SEALs and their families, and more.

“We thought [Meaningful Miles] was a new and innovative way to fundraise and an incredible opportunity,” a SEAL Legacy Foundation leader shared. “Anyone could do it, from anywhere in the world.”

And everyone did – from Las Vegas to Houston, to Pennsylvania, to Germany and everywhere in between – and the feedback was great

“Everyone really enjoyed it, which is why we decided to build on the success of the inaugural Patriot Steps Challenge and host a second challenge over Veterans Day,” SEAL Legacy said. 

Mixing it up from Seal Legacy’s  first event, their Patriot Steps Challenge: Veterans Day Edition kicks off on Nov. 4 and runs through Nov. 11 (Veterans Day) with a goal of logging 96,000 steps over the 8-day challenge. 

“Setting up a challenge is a simple process and a great way to do something different for our donors and potential donors,” SEAL Legacy said. “[Meaningful Miles] is an awesome technology and an innovative fundraising tool.”

For those of you considering the Move module for your organization, there’s never been a better opportunity to test-drive the platform for a very small fee ($30 to get involved!) and give back to those who defend our country this Veterans Day. To learn more about the Patriot Steps: Veterans Day Edition and sign up, visit the challenge website.

Interested in putting Meaningful Miles (powered by our Move module) into action for your group just like SEAL Legacy did? Click the link to learn more about the program and request a brief personal demo or call.