Wellbeing is Changing: Are You Prepared?

New studies and articles are being released daily that showcase the changes taking place in the world of corporate wellbeing.

“Wellness and wellbeing are going away from strictly participation-based programs,” Will Herold, DHS Group VP of Employer Solutions, said. “It’s not just a walking program or a health risk assessment anymore but, rather, companies are taking these tactics and implementing them under one umbrella to bring programs to their communities that improve employee health and performance. It’s a new approach to wellbeing.”

With change in the air and a shift towards a more all-encompassing style of corporate wellbeing, countless questions come to mind. Next week, Herold will help answer a few of those questions and share some of what can be expected in a free webinar: Painting the future of corporate wellbeing.

Discussion topics include:

1. Predicting how corporate wellbeing plans are going to be regulated by the government with a potential to gain tax breaks.

2. The evolution of wearable devices and technology as part of wellbeing.

3. A progression of wellbeing programs from being an “extra” to becoming a requirement for forward-thinking companies that are looking to stay competitive in the hiring market.

4. What companies can do now to prepare for what will define wellbeing programs down the road.

Join our June 27th webinar and submit your own questions via Twitter by tagging @DHS_Group and #FutureOfWellbeing on Twitter. We look forward to seeing you there!