Wellbeing Wins with a Holistic Solution

Some companies focus on the healthcare offered to their employees. Others have implemented valuable wellness programs over the years. However, it’s rare to find a company that has succeeded at bringing the two sides together. What’s the holdup? Do the two not “play nice”?

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

“Health is a very reactive part of our lives,” said Will Herold, VP of Employer Solutions at DHS Group, “We only go to the doctor when we’re sick and it’s not until later in life that we start being proactive with appointments.”

The holistic approach to wellbeing, one that includes knowing what’s going on in your body - Is my blood pressure too high? Am I at risk for a heart attack? – combined with the small things that everyone can do daily to get healthier, like walking and drinking more water, is a viable solution.

Combining both sides of the “health relationship” into a holistic solution is successful because everything is working together to improve overall health.

“The goal of a successful [wellbeing] program should be to provide an employee engagement experience that educates and assists the employee on the most important issues, in order for them to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle,” Herold said.

“Data and analytics provide transparency about what’s going on with a person’s health so that people can take ownership and responsibility. Building on that, data and analytics alongside a wellness program is a great step toward proactive health.”

As was taught in elementary math class, the sum of parts is a whole. In this case, the parts are data, analytics, member engagement and wellness programs, and the whole outcome is better health for your employees and cost savings for you.

Ready to learn more? Read more about the keys to building a holistic wellbeing program and find out more about how DHS Group helps companies do just this every day.

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