It's Wellness Season

How do you ...

Track steps?
Estimate mileage?
Create accountability for reaching fitness goals?

This is where wearable devices and fitness trackers come in with their ability to provide real-time feedback on activity levels – including steps, miles, moves (our unique Movband metric) and more – all in the name of being that “extra push” employees need to keep going in the wellness program at hand.

But, as wellness and HR managers, that brings another question to the forefront. With hundreds of choices available when picking a group activity platform to engage your employees in managing their health, which wearable devices and software platform do you choose?

Good news.

Our Move module, an effective and engaging group-based activity platform with powerful back-end analytics, is compatible with more than 40 of the most popular activity tracker and wearable device brands including: our own Movband devices, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Misfit, Withings and more.


The power for every employee to choose their own wearable – from the marathon runner with a powerful Garmin device to the fitness newbie who's looking for their very first tracker – breaks through the first barrier employers find when instituting a group activity program in their office.

Ready to get your employees moving? You can check out information about our Move module here and schedule a person demo below.