Reducing Risk for Your Wellness Program

Travelers Insurance recently posted an article about how companies can help reduce risk from wearable devices. It’s not surprising that an insurance company would be concerned about risk, and it’s certainly healthy for any company to consider risk when implementing a new program.

In the article, Travelers recognizes that more and more employers are interested in utilizing wearable devices to both improve the health and productivity of their employees and help reduce their healthcare costs. But along with consideration of a wearable device program – or any other program for that matter – comes the consideration of risk. Travelers believes that companies should be sure to consider the cyber risks, bodily injury risks and technology errors and omissions risks before introducing any program, specifically one that involves wearable devices, to their employees.

While all new programs can come with some risk, DHS Group has taken special care to account for the questions that Travelers mentions (and a few more!) by integrating the following into our platform.

1. HIPAA compliance - When we’re dealing with the entire scope of a company’s health data (not just from wearable devices), HIPAA compliance isn’t just important, it’s required.

2. Rigorous testing - In five years of shipping and selling our wearable device, Movband, we’ve never had a customer report a case of physical harm caused by wearing it. We like to attribute that to the special time and care that we take in ensuring our product is both high quality and high functioning.

3. Dedicated care - While software can always be improved upon, we’ve worked with our programmers and engineers to create a product that has absolutely no track record of business continuity risks for our customers.

We all need to think about the risks and liabilities that might incur when integrating new programs. That said, taking these things and more into our product development is something we’re passionate about and something we’re excited to offer all of the companies that we work with.

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