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Technology: Helping HR Pros Face Industry Changes Head-On

If you’ve had your hand on the pulse of the HR and benefits industries, you have been hearing about the ongoing transition from simple wellness programming to all-encompassing wellbeing programs. The changes can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be… there are technology programs and systems that can help. What can these programs bring to the table?

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Painting the Future of Wellbeing: Webinar Recap

As the cost of unwell workers continues to rise (obesity, for example, is expected to cost the United States more than $210 billion per year, up from $147 billion) due to increased number of chronic illnesses, lack of transparency, consumerism and decision tools, and the traditional fee-for-service model, it’s more important than ever to make decisions now that can help you prepare for the future.

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Wellbeing is Changing: Are You Prepared?

New studies and articles are being released daily that showcase the changes taking place in the world of corporate wellbeing.

“Wellness and wellbeing are going away from strictly participation-based programs,” Will Herold, DHS Group VP of Employer Solutions, said. “It’s not just a walking program or a health risk assessment anymore but, rather, companies are taking these tactics and implementing them under one umbrella to bring programs to their communities that improve employee health and performance. It’s a new approach to wellbeing.”

With change in the air and a shift towards a more all-encompassing style of corporate wellbeing, countless questions come to mind.

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With Data Lies the Future

“Employees see health and wellness offerings as a mark of progressive employers,” HR Executive Jack Kluepfel, said. “Attractive employers, employers of choice, offer opportunities for people to engage in their health.”

And companies are doing just that – engaging in the health of their employees and offering programs that promote wellbeing in and out of the workplace. This mindset has exploded within the industry. Politico recently quoted the corporate wellness and wellbeing industry to be worth nearly $8 billion in the United States and projected to grow nearly eight percent in the next five years.

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Kids’ Fitness by the Numbers: Creating a Future of Good Health

Any parent or child care professional will tell you that tracking a child for any given activity is a challenge. This means that tracking their exact level of physical activity should be nearly impossible, right?

At Fly Movement, we have a unique approach to fighting childhood obesity and building healthy habits. In addition to creating fun exercise programs (like free fun runs), Fly Movement gives each participant a free activity tracker that allows program leaders, as well as the children themselves, to easily see the child’s progress, delivering invaluable data and metrics.

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New Year, New You? Conquered.

It seems like just yesterday that the New Year, New You National Challenge – a challenge that included three compounding two-week missions – launched with the goal of helping participants get motivated to move in the New Year.

Since wrapping a few weeks ago, our Customer Success Team has put on their analytical caps to assemble the steps, moves and more that made the Challenge a success. Whether you were one of the 600+ participants, or you’re interested to see why you should join our next Challenge, check out these inspiring results!

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Meet our Newest Partner, Bene-Fit

Last month, we announced that DHS Group had formed a partnership with Houston-based health risk management company Bene-Fit. As part of the partnership, Bene-Fit offers DHS Group’s HealthSpective Analyze and Engage (Medical and Move) platforms as pieces of their standard program components – helping clients reduce their healthcare spending at every level, from identifying, intervening and improving the health of high-risk segments to designing custom plans to maximize coverage and minimize exposure.

We invited them to join us on the blog today to tell us a little bit more about themselves and the work they do improve population health.

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Get Moving & Win with our Latest National Challenge

After the success of last year’s Hello Spring Challenge, where 17,000 participants took 2.6 billion steps and averaged 48 million steps per day, DHS Group is excited about the launch of this year’s New Year, New You Challenge!

Running for six weeks beginning Monday, January 9th, the New Year, New You Challenge will include three different (and compounding!) two-week missions that participants are challenged to complete.

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Meaningful Fitness Tracker Data is on the Rise

‘I personally believe that we have just finished seeing the first generation of wearables and are about to enter the ‘what’s next phase.’ Those were the words of Mike Lee, Chief Digital Officer at Under Armour, expressing his feelings on the current state of wearable technology and connected devices.

Fitness trackers, which have long been looked at as a way to record a simple metrics like steps or miles walked during the day, are starting to be tapped for the additional information they can provide – insightful data that can provide a holistic view of an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

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