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Integrating All of Your Data for Total Benefits Control

The HealthSpective Data Warehouse integrates data from all vendors and sources related to employee health, for application across all four of the platform’s modules — Design (benefits design and strategy), Operate (administration), Analyze (data analysis), and Engage (employee wellbeing and engagement).

Single Sign-on, Clear Dashboard, Total Security

HealthSpective operates under a single sign-on, with integrated dashboards that give plan administrators a centralized home from which to retrieve and analyze all data related to health benefits and outcomes.

All of the information in HealthSpective’s Data Warehouse, including benefits and employee data, is hosted in a private cloud that is audited to meet SOC-2 (as defined by the AICPA) and HIPAA requirements. While serving as a repository for all of the company’s health benefit data, HealthSpective’s Data Warehouse gives you control over the data you own, while improving your ability to evaluate, manage, and change vendors as your business needs evolve.

Designed by Scientists, Enhanced Through Experience

Designed by scientists at Houston’s Texas Medical Center, the HealthSpective Data Warehouse is an Oracle database that has been enhanced through real-world experience. Its powerful data management capabilities are tailored to the health benefits field. The HealthSpective Data Warehouse collects and integrates the full range of health benefits data including:

  • Medical claims
  • Pharmaceutical claims
  • Disability claims
  • HRIS data
  • Absence data
  • Health risk profiles
  • Workers compensation data
  • Wellness data
  • Biometric and health risk assessment data
  • Benefit plan designs and attributes

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