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Giving Employers Control Over Healthcare


DHS Group’s HealthSpective integrated suite of health and wellness solutions pulls together disconnected and ransomed data, helping you easily and meaningfully understand your employee benefits and wellness decisions — to take control once and for all.


Break Down the Silos of Vendor Data and Drive Real Change

Odds are good that if you’ve tried to create a robust, cost-effective benefits strategy, you’ve run into the time-sink and frustrations of needing to rely on multiple software vendors. As a result, you found it incredibly difficult to identify key health metrics, which meant you couldn’t drive real change.

Imaging having an integrated data and system solution tailor-made for healthcare design that enabled benefits managers to identify problem areas and create solutions to address them?

DHS Group’s HealthSpective® is an integrated health benefit data warehouse, and platform that brings together health data from all of your sources and provides tools that facilitate benefit program design, health plan enrollment and operation, population health data analysis, and wellbeing and employee engagement.


Go Deeper Into HealthSpective — Integrated Employee Benefits & Wellness


Data Warehouse & Platform

Leverage powerful data management and integration capabilities to finally consolidate and compare health data from any and all of your sources.

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Benefits Design & Strategy

Build benefits plans that optimize spending and maximize utilization.

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Benefits Administration

Get greater access into each step and every area of your plans and programs for better administration.

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Wellbeing & Engagement

Leverage our specialized application for fitness, individual health profiles, and financial and mental health.

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Population Analytics

Understand the entirety of your population’s health and health spending to optimize your investment solutions.

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