Healthier outcomes for all

We move a level beyond the competition by helping you optimize your healthcare value and fully engage your health plan users. We achieve this through HealthSpective®, a cutting edge software platform that goes beyond simply reporting on data by providing full-circle solutions that help you track and elevate population health. HealthSpective powers two applications: Analyze and Engage, along with robust modules like Move, that enable members to make healthy behavioral changes by encouraging activity and tracking results.

Through HealthSpective, we convert data to actionable solutions, allowing you to successfully manage your health and wellness programs. We then move a step further by offering you tools to help you engage your members to make healthy behavioral changes. All of this takes place with guidance from our population health analysts who assist in interpreting the data and developing action plans.

By utilizing the proven and effective methodology in standardizing mapping disparate data sources, we've built a robust person-centric data warehousing and mining platform.