The Power to Transform

Engage – a HealthSpective® application – transforms population health data into snapshots, insights and personalized recommendations that motivate members to become actively engaged in managing their own health. Engage features two robust modules: Move and Medical.

Engage is the first platform of its kind to organize health and fitness data from multiple sources and present it to members in ways that are both educational and actionable with the express goal of inciting healthy changes that lead to long-term rewards.

HealthSpective Engage is the only member engagement tool integrated with population health analytics. And, HealthSpective Analyze is the only population health analytics system with an integrated member engagement tool.

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meet the Healthspective engage modules

Move Module

With Move, you can take member engagement in personal health to the next level by encouraging positive fitness habits. Move is a module designed to give members insight into their daily health and fitness activity level and allows them to track their progress toward personal fitness goals.

Key Benefits

  • Encourages participation and engagement. Participation rates are significantly higher than the industry average.
  • Inspires movement. Move makes wellness enjoyable and engaging while helping you make physical activity an important part of your culture – without breaking the bank.

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Medical Module

The Medical module can provide participants with a snapshot of their medical experience and costs, opportunities to improve their health and wellness, and links to resources and programs to assist them on their journey toward better health.

Additionally, the module offers two valuable tools, Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and Biometric Screenings (BMSs), which can enhance a wellbeing program and show a clear picture of population health, especially when paired with a healthcare analytics program like HealthSpective Analyze.

Key Benefits: Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Screenings

  • Empowered employees. Both tools help employers get a better understanding of their employee group and what they want and need in their wellbeing programs.
  • Stronger data. Information received through HRAs and BMSs can compound both the success of wellbeing programs and the level of detail in analytics solutions.
  • Seamless integration. BMS data seamlessly flows into HealthSpective Engage in intuitive layouts to inspire individual action.

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