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A complete software solution covering benefit strategy, employee benefit administration, healthcare analytics and wellbeing.

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Comprehensive Solution to Improve Healthcare Benefits Management.

HealthSpective is an end-to-end software platform that combines benefit strategy, benefit
administration, healthcare analytics and employee wellbeing. Using an intuitive and simple interface,
HealthSpective gives employers and benefit professionals a powerful suite of solutions.

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Benefit Strategy


Help managers build benefits  plans that optimize available funds while maximizing plan utilization.

Design Highlights

Aligns program with business goals, identifies saving opportunities, enrollment predictions and more.

Benefit Administration


Access all areas of your benefit administration, beginning with the first step: healthcare enrollment.

Operate Highlights

Web based enrollment solution, ACA Reporting and Analytics, personalized plans and more.

Health Analytics


Understand your population’s health and health spending as a whole, and work to optimize your investment in your health and wellness solutions.

Analytics Highlights

Recommendations engine, predictive financial analytics, plan modeling and more.

Wellbeing & Engagement


Specialized application for fitness, individual health profiles, and financial and mental health.

Engage Highlights

Encourages participation through games, competitions and incentives



Simple, durable and engaging devices that track all movement.


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