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DHS Group experts are up to date on the latest federal and state regulations for data reporting for HEDIS®, commercial insurance, exchanges, Medicaid, and Medicare Part C & D.


The DHS Group Solution Engine

DHS Group has created a healthcare analytics consulting team to help your clients identify and implement solutions to best achieve their benefit program objectives. We assist in conducting a thorough analysis of their population’s health, or study an isolated cost or quality-related issue.

DHS Group uses clinical data from multiple sources to measure your client’s challenges by focusing on key areas and identifying opportunities for improvement. We put our extensive experience in analyzing healthcare data to work for you. Our experts can help your clients make sense of the massive amount of diverse but inter-related claims, clinical and service data that exist for an employer.


Go Deeper Into Our Regulatory Expertise


HEDIS Reporting

Whether for regulatory or proactive HEDIS reporting, we assist healthcare organizations with data optimization for performance assessment and regulatory compliance reporting.

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Medicare Part C & D Audits

Our collaborative and flexible method minimizes operational disruption as we help organizations meet reporting requirements. A DHS Group Data Validator is available by email or phone year-round.

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Measure Data Validation

We are committed to surpassing the data validation standard protocol of the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission, supporting you from the measurement process to final data validation report.

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We are committed to helping companies fulfill their risk adjustment data validation needs as an independent auditor -- sharing knowledge and expertise and helping navigate the bumpy road that leads to validation and certification.

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HIPAA Privacy Training

Our online HIPAA e-training and proficiency testing enables employees to take exams anytime, anywhere, with pass/fail parameters based on your needs and training for any number of employees.

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