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It's now easier than ever to stay connected and inspired on-the-go! Our HealthSpective app allows your to sync your favorite device and get real-time updates on the Dashboard.

Quickly access your Challenge leaderboards and activity
Connect with Apple Health and Google Fit
Use your favorite 3rd-party devices including Apple Watch

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An app built for your active lifestyle


HealthSpective App HIGHLIGHTS


The all-new HealthSpective app is compatible with your favorite devices and apps including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Watch.
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The latest release of the app features a simplified experience with quick access to device syncing, Challenge leaderboards, activity data and more. Detailed information, like activity trends, can be found on the desktop Dashboard, which syncs seamlessly with the app.

Registering, pairing a device and syncing your activity are faster with the new HealthSpective app. Pair your device in seconds and sync with a single touch.


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