Over the past few years, with the introduction of the federal Pay-for-Quality initiatives to stem the rising cost of health care while improving its quality, DHS started offering HEDIS Proactive Reporting. This service provides health plans with the strategies and tools to intervene early and often to ensure members are getting the care they need by the appropriate provider in a timely manner. This product has proven to be so valuable that all of our clients are adopting it.

  • Health Plans will be able to identity GAP in care and non-compliant members or providers with low compliance.
  • Health Plans may utilize several CHART Packs to use as Quality Improvement and Intervention Tools that span from Member Outreach to Provider Outreach.
  • Health Plans will be able to pinpoint which provider needs to prop up their HEDIS rates and what members are not getting the care they need according to the HEDIS specification.
  • Health Plans will be able to use the Proactive HEDIS solution to incentivize high performing providers and penalize low performers.

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HEDIS® is a registered trademark of The National Committee for Quality Assurance.