A Healthcare Analytics Team Built on Quality and Results

DHS Group Health Plan Solutions are focused on assisting healthcare organizations with data optimization for performance assessment and regulatory compliance reporting using industry standard metrics such as HEDIS®, URAQ and AHRQ.

To do so, DHS has developed a team dedicated to meeting the needs of these healthcare organizations that are required to report rates by the state, federal government (the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) and other vendors.

Boosting HEDIS Scores and Clients’ Bottom Line

The DHS Health Plan Services Team takes raw data, polishes and scrubs it, and leverages it in a way that increases the bottom line for healthcare organizations. The DHS team also consults clients by assisting them in setting goals that are tied to their reimbursement.

DHS HEDIS solutions are customized to suit the specific needs of each client. Typically, these solution packages include one or more of the following DHS HEDIS reporting services and assist clients in achieving ongoing HEDIS compliance:

  • Performance metrics production from basic run to full outsource solutions
  • Full outsource IT solutions including raw data transfer, data mapping, data loading, and data optimization
  • Custom business intelligence solutions and dashboard design
  • Medical record review and tools
  • HEDIS training and proficiency testing
  • HEDIS Audit preparation and mock-audits
  • HEDIS rate analysis, consulting, benchmarking and consulting for rate improvements 
  • Quality improvements interventions design and assessment
  • Provider profiling for quality and efficiency markers

HEDIS Reporting: The Essence of DHS

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is an industry-wide performance measurement tool that offers a standard by which health plan performance can be compared effectively and uniformly and also offers a way health plans can elevate programs.

Data Optimization and the HEDIS Auditing Process

DHS has provided HEDIS-related services since 1997, and for nearly 20 years, our reporting practice has never stopped evolving as we’ve adopted the latest technological insights to optimize our core service. The DHS team understands the HEDIS auditing process from all angles, as it’s comprised of professionals with experience from the client, vendor and auditor side of the business.

The DHS HEDIS team believes in a hands-on approach to HEDIS reporting and consulting services that are cost-effective, save time, and produce higher HEDIS scores as well as better compliance for clients.

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HEDIS® is a registered trademark of The National Committee for Quality Assurance.