Insurance Policy

* Full policy provided on a case-by-case basis to clients and by request

Information Technology and Internet Liability (Including Media Liability)

Insurance is provided by the following Underwriter:

Steadfast Insurance Company
Dover, Delaware
Administrative Offices – 1400 American Lane
Schaumburg, IL 60166-1056

Name Insured:
Dynamic Health Strategies, LLC
2425 Fountain View Drive, Suite 310
Houston, TX 77057

Coverage including: Information Technology and Internet Liability, System Security and Privacy Liability and Privacy Breach Costs.

If Insuring Agreement A. is purchased as designated in Item 4 of the Declarations, the Underwriter shall pay on behalf of the Insureds all Loss for which the Insureds become legally obligated to pay on account of any Claim for a Technology Wrongful Act or a Media Wrongful Act taking place on or after the Retroactive Date for this Insuring Agreement, as stated in Item 4 of the Declarations, and prior to the end of the Policy Period, if such Claim is first made against the Insureds during the Policy Period or any applicable Extended Reporting Period and reported to the Underwriter pursuant to Subsection VII.F. of this Policy.