Please note:
The Move dashboard supports many different third-party devices and
manufacturers. Currently, the dashboard is compatible with the following devices and manufacturers:
Compatible Manufacturers / Devices
If you already have one of these devices set-up, you can connect it to your Move account
using the following three steps.

1. Register or login
Create a Move Account or Login. During registration you’ll need to enter your group’s Invite Code to connect your third-party device. Not sure what your Invite Code is? Please check with your group admin.

2. Authorize
After account creation, you'll be prompted to log in to your device's account to authorize data transfer.
If you have a HealthSpective Move Annual License, be sure to enter your Token in the My Account > Devices (see how)

3. Sync & Keep moving!
Going forward, you will continue to sync your device as you normally would. Upon the first sync, it may take up to 24 hours for data to begin to appear in your account. After that, data should appear in your Move account within a couple hours.
Pro tip: Stay motivated by continuing to login to your account to see how you're doing in challenges. In addition to receiving challenge updates via the Dashboard and email, you can also navigate to My Account > Preferences to subscribe to text updates.