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Patient Registration & Engagement


Streamline patient registration while protecting their medical identity.

SecurePass is a family of software and hardware products that help providers give their patients the benefits of modern technology, powerful insight and a great customer intake experience. SecurePass creates high quality patient registration data in an affordable easy to use and fast process.


Queue and Queue TV:

Replace insecure and outdated sign-in sheets, reduce wait-times by up to 80 percent, and provide a safe and modern registration experience. Heighten engagement, enhance the patient experience, and improve quality of care.

Using their smartphone, patients create their profile and sign-in to their appointment; ensuring information is correct and up-to-date. Additionally, patients can communicate directly with their care providers and access and share their profiles instantly. Queue TVs keep patients updated on their wait.

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Create unique biometric identifications by scanning patients’ fingerprints (takes less than 15 seconds). Protect against medical identity theft and duplicate records, save time and money, and help prevent medical errors due to misidentification.

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This unique workflow tool helps you manage and fix duplicate medical records: eliminate duplicates, retain revenue, monitor the health of your system with real-time analytics, and better manage your staff.

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Transfer, monitor, and communicate with your staff across locations and throughout departments about any patient’s visit, by capturing analytics at every stage of a patient’s journey.

Staff can track transfer history and add and read notes specific to the patient’s visit. Notification alerts tell staff when wait-times exceed benchmarks and when other problem areas are identified.

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HL7 - Appointment Reminders

Quickly send reminders for upcoming appointments scheduled in any patient’s electronic medical records, delivering real-time updates to their confirmed appointments and reducing no-shows and reschedules.

Staff has the option to send reminders to one, multiple or all patients on a given day.

Patients & Providers

DHS SecurePass App

The free DHS SecurePass mobile app empowers patients to keep their medical history, insurance information, prescriptions and more, secure and in their hands. Patients are able to sign-in to appointments and create patient profiles, all from their smartphone, ensuring information is both correct and up-to-date.

You can refer to this data as needed or use the app for checking into physician offices, clinics or hospitals. In this case, your data will be copied to that facility’s system so you don’t have to fill out repetitive paperwork.

After signing in at the on-site Queue tablet, kiosk or website you can see your status and wait time on Queue TV, which will notify you when the office staff is ready to see you.


SecurePass For Practices

Protect every patient’s medical identity, keep their information up-to-date and in their hands, and simplify and integrate visit registration.